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Content of Courses

The courses are taught through the following methods:
      ●  Project study and presentation
      ●  Lecture
      ●  Role-play
      ●  Conversation group
      ●  Field trip
      ●  Group discussion and presentation
The curriculum covers both theories and practice, taught in a small class and grouping in order to realize the teaching philosophy of “learning by doing.” Eighty credits (if all courses taken) are required for graduation. 
   ●  General education courses + professional Japanese courses + business management/e-business program = 80 credits
   ●  General education courses: technology and society, communication and expression, and the general education passport.
   ●  Professional Japanese courses: advanced Japanese conversation, listening, reading, and writing, translation and interpreting, Japanese computer skills, Japanese pedagogy, etc.
    ● Business management program: application of information and the Internet, business management, marketing and retail management, meeting management, investment and financial management of businesses, risk management of businesses, etc. 
    ● E-business program: e-business, information ethics and law, database management, network marketing, e-business projects, information security, etc.